Tuesday, July 1, 2008

confetti candy

Ok so I have not been ignoring this blog, its just that I just moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco!! So I have had no time to update this blog :) As things are now, we are living with my husbands family. Its not bad at all, just crowded! Also, they don't have wireless internet, so I cannot just sit down and use my laptop, I have to wait until the computer is open, and thats with 8 people in the same house waiting for the same computer ;) But I have some time now since all the boys are watching a baseball game and all the girls are watching Hells Kitchen. So here are a lot more photos of some of the cards that I have made. Please keep in mind that when I very first started making cards I did copy some other bloggers cards. I would tell you who did them if I could remember, but I don't even know where I got them from. They are not TOTALLY like theirs, but I don't want anyone to think that I am just snooping around and copying other peoples cards and calling them my own :) Now that I am getting better, I am making my own :) After I get all my cards that I have made so far uploaded then I will just start making an entry for each card, but there are too many cards to do that with for right now. Mostly because I don't have the time! So here they are, let me know what you think of them :)

Red Memo Card

Hey Cupcake (idea from someone else's card)

Baby Boy card for a friend

Baby Girl card for a different friend

Blue Bird Thank You (idea from someone else)

Blue card (I made this for my dad, I just wanted something not too girly and simple)

Hello Darling (the "picture" of the lady is actually a magnetic bookmark)

Hoot Hoot

Ladybug mini card

Orange Owl card

You Light Up My Life (light picture someone else's design)

Elephant (elephant someone else's drawing)

White Flower on Pink and Green

Pink Owl

Pink and Yellow Flowers

Bird Stencil card

Purple flowers with green card

Shimmery Orange Flower card

You're Sweet Pie card (someone else's idea)

So thats for now, I have some more to do later :)

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