Wednesday, July 9, 2008

crows feet on my face

Ok well I am not going to go into detail about my morning on this blog, I will save that for my daily one over at . Anyways, while I was on hold on the phone this morning I made this card :) I know its really early for Christmas cards, but I figure that I'll make a few here and there and by Christmas time I won't be in a rush to get all my Christmas cards done :) So here it is, enjoy!

I started off with the idea that I wanted to make a card with my penguin stamp and that I wanted to make a card that had the top half white. So I started off with the red cardstock for the card and then I added the white paper with the top corners rounded. Then I played with what color I would use on the bottom, green or black. I didn't like any of the greens that I had with the look of the card. So I went with the black and rounded the bottom corners. Then I stamped the main image, I need to get one of those Stamp-a-ma-jig things so that my stamps are straight and centered! Until then, we'll just have to pretend its straight :) Then I added the silver snowflakes and then stamped the words SNOW in black. I added the white ribbon with just a bow after trying to think of a way to make it look kind of like snow and deciding that the card was busy enough as is for my taste. Then I added the red font MERRY CHRISTMAS and put it on a green background. After that I looked at what I thought was the finished card and realized that I wanted to poke holes in the corners, so I did and then I outlined them with some white pen :) I hope you all enjoy this early Christmas card in JULY!

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