Saturday, July 12, 2008


My friends little baby girl is turning 1! So I thought that I would make her some "thank you" notes to send out after her baby Kayla's birthday party today. I had this one sheet of baby girl paper that I have been saving for a friend with a baby girl (I have had three out of four friends who are pregnant having boys!) So I was so happy to get to use this paper. I hope that she doesn't feel that turn 1 means that all the "baby" things are too young for her now, I thought about it and figured it wouldn't be! So in every card and on the box that I made to hold the cards there is some of that pink baby girl paper :) I really liked how this set turned out, much better than the first little set of cards that I made. I almost want to keep these ones! But I'll just make some more when I get around to have kids of my own! So Here they are...

first here is the box that I made to put them all in

The first two cards are 3x2 cards, so they can be used as a tag if she wants

sweet pea

sweetie pie

all the rest of the cards are 3x3 cards and they all have matching envelopes :)

no words just a double bow

little star

sweetie pie

baby baby dress

sweet heart

baby chick

So there they all are! The ones with two photos was just to show a close up or a side view :) Now we are off to her birthday party!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well since I was not COMPLETELY happy with my first card for Kristina's Color Challenge, I made another one :) I really like this one! I started it with the "left overs" from the first card, and I was reminded of an owl when I saw the colors last night anyways. So I came up with this, ENJOY!

potato stamps

well my titles are normally just something random, but today it really has to do with my card! I was sitting on the living room chair trying to think of what kind of card I was going to make for Kristina's Color Challenge

after I rested for a little bit (I have not been feeling well today) And because of the colors I REALLY wanted to make an autumn card with a tree and a shaker with the tree leaves in it in the brown, orange, and green colors. But I don't have a tree or any leaves stamps! So I was sitting there pouting a little and thinking a little because I cannot buy any stamps right now... so I thought it would be so cool if I could just make stamps. And then I was trying to think how I would do that. And so I thought that maybe I could carve an image out of a potato (not knowing that this has already been thought of before!) And so I got up and took out a potato, cut it in half and started making the outline of a tree. So here is a photo of the potato tree stamp, and the stamped image...

And here is a photo of the potato leaves stamps

And I feel I need to explain the "look" of the card. Its supposed to look like an older photo frame, with a photo in it. Like those old antique round brown frames... Anyways, here is the card

Autumn Fallen Leaves

Do you think it looks like what I was going for? I hope so, anyways, enjoy! And thanks Kristina for the challenge! Otherwise I might have never made a potato stamp!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

crows feet on my face

Ok well I am not going to go into detail about my morning on this blog, I will save that for my daily one over at . Anyways, while I was on hold on the phone this morning I made this card :) I know its really early for Christmas cards, but I figure that I'll make a few here and there and by Christmas time I won't be in a rush to get all my Christmas cards done :) So here it is, enjoy!

I started off with the idea that I wanted to make a card with my penguin stamp and that I wanted to make a card that had the top half white. So I started off with the red cardstock for the card and then I added the white paper with the top corners rounded. Then I played with what color I would use on the bottom, green or black. I didn't like any of the greens that I had with the look of the card. So I went with the black and rounded the bottom corners. Then I stamped the main image, I need to get one of those Stamp-a-ma-jig things so that my stamps are straight and centered! Until then, we'll just have to pretend its straight :) Then I added the silver snowflakes and then stamped the words SNOW in black. I added the white ribbon with just a bow after trying to think of a way to make it look kind of like snow and deciding that the card was busy enough as is for my taste. Then I added the red font MERRY CHRISTMAS and put it on a green background. After that I looked at what I thought was the finished card and realized that I wanted to poke holes in the corners, so I did and then I outlined them with some white pen :) I hope you all enjoy this early Christmas card in JULY!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

shimmer of sunshine

Here are the last of the cards :) These are the newest ones for the most part. Enjoy!

baby girl onesie

baby boy onesie

pink striped fold over and tie card

fun in the sun popsicle mini

a little bird told me

monkey mini card and matching envelope

rainbow fading thanks card

red on red love and red glitter card

pink S.W.A.K. (sealed with a kiss)

3 glitter flowers and opens to the right flap tied down with a bow

toaster and toast love, opens like a gate

baby boy whose name starts with a D

smooth sailing

food thank you card for hostess

And thats the last of the bunch! I hope you enjoyed looking around and tell me what you think!

the sugar at the bottom

And once again I am still trying to get all of my cards onto my blog, so here is another handful of cards! Enjoy!

pink and yellow all you need is love (one of my FAVORITES)

black stings with red glitter hearts mini card

blue and black whats new

Purple on brown thank you

happy wishes card for a challenge (I ended up entering a different one)

orange, purple, and hot pink floral mini

"sunburned" pig

snowman on snowy hills

you're never too old to dress up

purple dots hi

purple dots mini card

Purple and yellow glittery flower with green ribbon stem and leaves

dew drops on petals

Jacob (my husband) and I are in San Francisco! We have finally moved :) It wasn't too bad getting everything packed, cleaned, moved up here, and in storage. But it did take awhile. Now we are here and waiting for Jake to get a job! So for now I spend most of my day making crafts and cards with his two younger sisters Anna (11) and Elisabeth (7). Its nice to have some crafting buddies :) I am hoping that when we get ourselves all situated that maybe I can join some card clubs or something and get to know some other crafters near by! So here are some more cards that I have made lately!

mini card box for a set of matching olw cards!

all you need is love mini owl shaker card

happy wishes tattered brown ribbon owl mini

pink and green scalloped owl mini

pink and green thanks owl mini

pink polka dots thanks owl mini

pink faded owl mini

yellow and blue hawaiian shirt Fathers Day card

Daddy Jeffs Fathers Day card

grilling Fathers Day card

mini 2x2 gift tag card

pink roses wedding card

Jakes graduation Thank You cards

silver glitter swirly card for my sister

red on red all you need is love with matching envelope

Ok thats all for this post, I don't want to do TOO many all in one post :)