Saturday, March 28, 2009

color challenge #47

Here is my submission for the Color Challenge over at Kristina Werner's blog. The colors this week reminded me of a sunflower :) I wasn't in the mood to make a card at the time so I went through my photos to make a scrapbook page. Here is what I came up with

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Years Eve Party Scrapbook!

So this year for New Years Eve my husband and I threw our first party! I wanted to make sure that I took some photos and scrapbooked them because I was so excited about all of it! So here is the final product. Oh, and the other thing for this scrapbook was that I challenged myself to make every page on white paper and to mix patterned papers! I think that I did a good job with it and that it doesn't look weird or anything like that :)

scrapbook pages

Ok so I haven't been keeping this blog up to date because most of the time I am just adding my photos onto my FaceBook account. So here are some photos of the recent scrapbook pages that I have made

This layout's main thing is the "apple" frame around my head. That was the only thing that I knew for sure that I wanted to do. It took me a really long time, so after that I didn't want to add too many more embellishments! Its a tradition in my family to go to Apple Hill every year the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I love going there! So this is a photo of me all dressed and ready to go to Apple Hill

This is a photo of what my arms looked like half way through my allergy testing! I know a lot of people will think its weird that I wanted to 1. take photos of this, and 2. scrapbook them! But this was something that I want to remember when I am old. It was something that really changed my life. I have grown up being sick a lot. And over the past few years its been getting worse. One day I went into anaphylactic shock and couldn't breath for several minutes, plus I was crying and throwing up at the same time. It was by far the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I just kept trying to force air in, I didn't know what I was going to do, or what was going to happen to me if I didn't start breathing, and SOON. Well I did, thankfully! But after that I went to the hospital and made an appointment to see an allergist. Now I know for sure what I am allergic to and I carry an Epipen in my purse at all times. Just in case something goes wrong and I go into anaphylactic shock again!

This is a photo of my new cat "Freddo" and I cuddling in the sun by the back door of my house :) My husband and I rescued Freddo. He was abandoned and we adopted him. He really seems to love us, and we really love him :)

Jake and I have been married for 2 1/2 years! I can't believe we are having our 3yr anniversary this year, how the time flew by! This is a photo of us out on the day that we were married for 2 1/2 years. This is one of my new favorite photos of us :)

This is a personal reminder to myself! I get myself so worked up, so stressed out, and so tightly wound sometimes I just have to remind myself to sit back and just breath! My husband reminds me all the time too.

Jake and I moved to Alameda! In Dec :) I wanted to scrapbook this move because its somewhere I really wanted to live and feel so thankful that we were able to move here, and because its something big and important that happened to me while I was 22. (all these 8x8 pages are a part of my "At 22" scrapbook, I am documenting things that happened to me this year that I want to remember) I love the little boy and little girl and the set of keys with the keyhole, and I love the buttons :) I really like this page!

BE GIRLY! This is another personal reminder to myself. Because I have a tendency to dress comfy and its not usually very girly. And I want to dress nice and girly and pretty for Jake :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this page! This is a photo of me and my Great Grandmother Rosie :)

I hope that you like those pages and are inspired :) Have a great day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Color Challenge

I made this cute Valentines Day page with a photo of Jake and I from this year's Valentines Day. There is a little story to go with it that is summarized in the journaling on the page... First thing in the morning Jake told me that my Valentines Day gift from him was 20 visits to Peets Coffee, I love Peets so it was perfect! So we got dressed and went out to get some Peets. Then we went for a hike with our cousin Heather and her husband. While on the hike the men finalized their plans to surprise us wives with a nice dinner out. So when we got home the guys told us to get showered and dressed up :) The place was not a chain place because they didn't want to take us to a BUSY restaurant. It looked really nice, so we put our name in and got a table. Here is where it ALL GOES DOWNHILL... We sat waiting for 20 min before a server even came to our table to take our drink orders. Then we found out that they didn't have a liquor license so we couldn't have drinks. So we ordered our sodas and waters. Then it was another 20 min before we received said drinks and someone offered to take our order! So Heather and I were going to get their lobster raviolis, but the had run out they said. So we all decided and ordered, and we ordered an appetizer. Over an hour later we finally got 3 out of our 4 meals, and no appetizer... so we asked them to just cancel the appetizer and the waiter said "what, you want to cancel it? why?" "because we wanted it before our meal... but not our meal is here, so we just want to cancel it" "ohhhhh I see, well ok" ummm yeah, they normally come out before your meal is served to you, duh. Anyways, so after they gave us the 3 meals we were expecting the 4th one to come out right away, WRONG. Thirty more min went by and we stopped someone (no one had checked on us in those 30 min!) and said that we were still waiting on one of our meals?! He looked at us all confused and said "oh, there is a 4th meal?" and we are all trying so hard not to get upset, of COURSE there are four meals, there are FOUR PEOPLE. So he said that he would go check on it. Then he came back 10min later and said that it would be right out. Thirty more min went by (I am not exaggerating on the times) and the 4th meal (which was a steak) came out. But by then the other 3 meals were cold, grrr. So we all started eating. And both steaks were rare, one of them was so rare is was still a little cold in the middle! One of the other meals meat was overcooked, the 4th meal which was pasta was gross, and one of our baked potatoes had a really big black spot on the inside, and my veggies were CRUNCHY "steamed" veggies. My steak made my tummy hurt, so I stopped eating even though at this point I was starving. By the way, EVERYONE in the restaurant was having an issue or two as well. And at this point 4 other couples had walked out on their meals. We asked for our check and when it came back we asked to speak to a manager. The manager wouldn't come out of the back so we talked to a hostess. We told her all the issues we had with being there for 2hrs before we got our last meal, and all the issues with the food itself. They gave us a $10 discount which was not even half the price of one of the plate of food. Plus the waiters were really rude, even this hostess told us that we just needed to be patient. Ummm, WHAT? ok, so we left a 1cent tip. And we left. As we were walking outside we see our waiter smoking a cig and talking to some friends outside (so that's why we never got checked on...) When he saw us he threw down the cig and said "bye guys have a nice night" then he walked inside to pick up the check and see how much we tipped him (because if it was good food and service it would've been a good tip because this place was $25 a plate average) He saw the 1cent and threw the check on the floor, mind you, there are still lots of other customers in the restaurant, nice, real professional. Needless to say NEVER GO TO ZOEY'S IN ANTIOCH!!! NEVER EVER EVER! BAD BAD PLACE. :) We laugh about it now though :) And Heather and I were not mad at the guys, it was so sweet of them to plan a nice dinner out for us all, it wasn't their fault it sucked. Anyways, here is the scrapbook page with a photo of Jake and I right after we were seated :)