Saturday, July 12, 2008


My friends little baby girl is turning 1! So I thought that I would make her some "thank you" notes to send out after her baby Kayla's birthday party today. I had this one sheet of baby girl paper that I have been saving for a friend with a baby girl (I have had three out of four friends who are pregnant having boys!) So I was so happy to get to use this paper. I hope that she doesn't feel that turn 1 means that all the "baby" things are too young for her now, I thought about it and figured it wouldn't be! So in every card and on the box that I made to hold the cards there is some of that pink baby girl paper :) I really liked how this set turned out, much better than the first little set of cards that I made. I almost want to keep these ones! But I'll just make some more when I get around to have kids of my own! So Here they are...

first here is the box that I made to put them all in

The first two cards are 3x2 cards, so they can be used as a tag if she wants

sweet pea

sweetie pie

all the rest of the cards are 3x3 cards and they all have matching envelopes :)

no words just a double bow

little star

sweetie pie

baby baby dress

sweet heart

baby chick

So there they all are! The ones with two photos was just to show a close up or a side view :) Now we are off to her birthday party!

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Hannah said...

oh my gosh! I love these cards! you're getting sooo good!