Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kristina's Color Inspired Challenge #13

Ok so I have been "watching" this Stampin Up lady's blog for a while now. Her style in card making suites me perfectly. I don't think she has made one card that I don't just love. Anyways, she does these "color inspired challenges" and I have always wanted to do one, but have never gotten the time to do it before her deadline. Surprisingly the first one that I was able to make a card for in time to submit it was during all of our packing and moving! LOL, of course! Anyways here is the photo that she got her inspiration from and the flower petals of colors on the bottom right hand corner are the colors that we are supposed to use in our card!

As soon as I saw this photo I KNEW I HAD to make a card for it. Because I have this pink paper that has almost the same design on it as is on the blanket! So I made a total of three cards for this challenge because I just couldn't get one that I liked. And then I gave up :( But then as I was making a "goodbye" for now card for the little 8 year old that I nanny I realized that my "shaker" was the same colors as needed in the challenge, so I made the rest of the card with that in mind so that I could send it in for the challenge :) So this is my "C U later alligator" card for the challenge!

Ok so like I said I made the "shaker" first. On the shaker are my versions of the purely pomegranate and wild wasabi. And the card itself is made on whisper white. Then the top paper could also be considered wild wasabi if someone wanted to say that it is actually closer to wild wasabi than the alligator. The bottom paper is the pink one that I was talking about! And it has the river rock in it, and the ribbon is the regal rose. Also the glitter has specks of regal rose and purely pomegranate in it :) And thats about it for this one! Enjoy :)

p.s. I JUST figured out how to add photos without making them HUGE :)


Nawlin's Lady said...

It's so fun! I'm going to have to learn how to make a shaker small enough for a card. Your card is great!

Stampin'GHmom said...

Fantastic card! Love the shaker (nobody does them anymore!)

Shawntel said...

What a fun card!

Carol Dunstan said...

very cute, I'm sure she'll love it!