Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well I started scrapbooking a few weeks ago, but I haven't been updating my blog! I am so sorry... Here are the pages that I have done so far. These are 8.5x11 pages

P.S. click on the photos for a bigger view of the pages!!!

this is Jake and I opening our wedding gifts

mission trip to Mexico

our wedding invitations

a fisherman in Japan

Its A Small World at Disney Land in Tokyo Japan!

a close up of this cute sticker I got just for this page

On Cloud Nine, when Jake and I were dating

me as a soldier in the Sacramento Ballet Production of The Nutcracker (I drew that picture for this page and then decorated it!)

one of our wedding photos taken when we were waiting for the photographer to do something with her camera, she captured this moment

my sister and I getting to meet the Newsboys, a band we love

here is a close up of the top photo that the band member signed the next year

This page needs some journaling done to it in the top right side, the story is, these photos were taken on the beach in San Francisco (actually right down the street of where we live now!) when Jake and I were dating we went to San Francisco a lot, just for fun. Anyways, on this day at the beach it was really cold, but Jake "dared" me to run into the ocean. I laughed and told him that was a silly thing to say because I'm crazy and I would actually do it, and then he would have to come in after me! He smiled and "dared" me again, so I did, and he did come in after me. It was one of the craziest things we have done together and after that we went straight home and snuggled up and watched movies the rest of the night!

this is me and my long time friend Abbi

I love this page, because this is where Jake and I became friends!

here is a close up of the group photo, the arrows are pointing to Jake (on top) and me (bottom)

my glamor girl page

me and a friend at Rosarito Beach in Mexico on our mission trip

me and my friend Bethanne

another wedding photo of Jake and I

at our wedding dancing

a corny photo of us the weekend before we got married

my goofy photos page, there might be another one later, I am really goofy

me and Hortie going to her prom

Jake and I at Venice Beach, we LOVE THE BEACH

these photos are from the first A's baseball game Jake and I went to as husband and wife, his family grew up going to A's games, and now we all go together

a photo of me when I was about 15 I believe, I went through a cowgirl phase

just some photos and the saying "daughter"

I just am a spunky princess! Jake bought me these sunglasses when we were still just friends, because, well, because they look good on me! LOL, I don't have them anymore

this is one of my all time favorite photos of Jake and I. We were dating at the time

so what do you think?


Hannah said...

I think you are super crafty and I love your pages! soo cute!

Heaven said...

I loooooove your scrapbook pages! I want to make some too! Can't wait to study your scrapbook in real life. I love the one from horse camp! I always forget about Horse Camp...I met so many friends there. We all did! What nice memories :-)