Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paper Stars

Ok, so I tried to do a video of me making one of these paper stars, but I just ran into issues with that. I might try again tomorrow. You can find videos of it on YouTube, however thats how I first learned how to make them and was making them wrong, so they did 'poof', meaning they weren't 3D. So I thought I would make a video that explained the whole thing better, but I have been sick for a few days so I sound all yucky! LOL, here are some photos of the whole process, and I might make a video tomorrow :)

So you start off with a strip of paper, mine is 11in X a little less than 1/2in

And you wrap it around and tuck it under on one side, just like tying a knot!

then you pull, more like "shimmy" it tight, but not too tight, just make the corners sharp

then you take the long side, should be on your LEFT, and bend the slack BEHIND (this is where I went wrong when I started making them off of the video on youtube) the 'knot' you just made

continue folding the slack paper around the knot making it flat and semi tight, don't worry about the slack left over from the right side of the knot it eventually gets folded into the knot as you are folding over the slack from the left side

when you get to the end you are going to tuck the last little bit under ONE of the folds on the knot, the one thats longer

Now you should have a nice, flat, and tight five sided knot, all thats left is making it 'poof'

so to do that you hold it securely inbetween your fingers and with your index fingernail push down on one of the sides of the knot

then rotate the knot over one side and continue pushing points into the sides of the knot

until you have a paper star!!!

I hope this was helpful! And remember you can use so many different types of paper to make unique stars! Even old wrapping paper would work! Have fun and make a ton of mini paper stars!

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