Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Scrapbook

I just have to say that this is one of my favorite scrapbooks that I have ever made! It is the first "clear" album that I have put together. I started out by sketching the whole thing out in pencil on paper. Just a VERY ROUGH idea of what I wanted each page to look like. Let me start by telling you who "Jayden" is :) One of my best friends from elementary school just got married (I was the matron of honor!!), and they are expecting their first baby in Oct. a baby boy that they are naming Jayden :) For her baby shower I thought about making her a "baby's first Christmas" scrapbook since Christmas is so soon after he will be born, and I know she will feel so swamped with her new little bundle of cuteness. But I then realized that I didn't have ANY Christmas paper at all! So I finally decided to do a "A Year Of Jayden" scrapbook! Most people veer to pastels for babies and baby type things... can I just say, please don't. I don't like pastels for babies for some reason. I have ALWAYS loved bright and bold colors, never one for muted tones. So of course I wanted to make a very bright and fun baby book for Bethanne and Justin's baby Jayden. This is the final product... I am sure I will be making more of these in the future, I just love how it turned out. Ok Ok Ok, and get this, one of the best things, 1. I didn't buy ANYTHING for it, I just used products that I already had, and 2. It only took me ONE DAY to make it after I had the sketches done (I made the sketches while watching t.v. the night before) and when I say ONE DAY I really mean about 6-7 hours!!! Love it.... well enjoy!

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