Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I cannot believe I have not posted in so long! I have been busy busy busy. Lately I have been working on some graduation announcements for my cousin. And I have had Jake's sisters over for some scrapbooking as well. And I have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY started scrapbooking my wedding photos!!!!!!! I am so happy and excited about that :) My wedding colors are green and red, so sometimes I am reminded of Christmas when I am looking at the colors. But hopefully my scrapbook doesn't remind people of Christmas :) I have only just started it so there are about 6 pages done so far. I have been interrupted by the reminder that I need to finish those Graduation announcements this week :( Oh, and it is the first 12x12 scrapbook that I have ever made! There are times that I love that the pages are that big, and there are times that I hate that the pages are that big :) But overall I am just so excited that I am working on my wedding photos finally! Anyways, I haven't been taking photos of my creations lately :( I have made a lot of cards, but just made them, wrote in them, and mailed them out. Not too many photos. I will try and do a better job! I do have some photos of some scrapbook pages in my 8x8 "At 22" journal scrapbook and some cards though! Here they are

this is the christmas photo of Jake and I that we sent out with our cards this year

Jake and I love going for hikes

And why shouldn't my cat get his own scrapbook too?!? Here is the scrapbook that I am making for my precious but sometimes naughty cat Freddo (Alfred)

here is a collage card I made

a vintage clippings type card

trying out my new kitchen themed papers :)

cute new stamp!

Fathers Day card

have a great day!

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